Color Correction

If you have had a bad experience with boxed hair dye or at another salon, Chee Chees Artistry In Hair can help you with corrective hair color. Our hair stylists can lift the unwanted color from your hair to get rid of the damage, so that it’s looking beautiful and healthy again. Color correction sometimes takes multiple visits and a bit of patience. But, with an expert hairdresser we know how important it's for you to have great looking hair to feel confident about your overall look. At our beauty salon we will work with you to achieve exactly your desired hair color and look.

If you have dyed your hair dark and would like to lighten it, you will often need corrective hair coloring to lighten your hair back to its original color. This can be a complicated and careful procedure, so you’ll want it done at a professional hair salon like Chee Chees Artistry In Hair. Your hair may be damaged in the color stripping process, but our hair stylists know how to revive it to a healthy look and feel.

We can restore your hair’s health with a keratin treatment and can provide color correction services. Come visit Chee Chees Artistry In Hair in Spokane, WA today for all your hair coloring needs!